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FairwindslogiX is an expert at recruiting highly skilled individuals to SaaS cloud software and web digital product companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the markets we have served include Fintech, professional services (consulting firms)  Internet, e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning,  manufacturing, retail, consumer products, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, insurance, energy, and networking. 

FairwindslogiX can help your company acquire talent on a contingency basis or work with you on a project basis to fill an entire team or department.

Redefining Contingent Search

We provide search abilities beyond the capabilities of traditional contingent firms.  A retained search analytics model sourcing solid people ANYWHERE with any criteria, nationwide with contingency terms.

Project-Based Recruiting

Scalable and flexible talent acquisition solutions for high-volume openings that need to be filled FAST. Ideal for high growth and early-stage companies with high volume hiring plans.

Working with Fairwindslogix brings the following advantages:

  1. A proven search methodology 
  2. Ability to screen 1000s of candidates providing a talent pipeline QUICKLY
  3. Weekly search progress reports
  4. Our USA-Based research associates are Certified Research Associates by the AESC.org


A great partner with our Product Manager hiring over the past year; our product team is now fully staffed!  These were not easy roles to fill, but their team was diligent and consistent. We really appreciated working with them and recommend Fairwinds.

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