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Strategic career and resume/ LinkedIn profile writing coach tailored to your goals, using our proven methodology

Is a resume writer the right choice for you?

A Resume/LinkedIn Profile Writer is right for you if:

  • You’ve recently been laid off from work
  • You’ve sent out your existing resume, but have gotten no responses
  • You’ve gotten a low volume of job inquires from your Linkedin profile
  • You’re not getting found by recruiters for the kind of job you want
  • You’re challenged with communicating your value-add

A Career Coach is right for you if:

  • You’re getting interviews, but no job offers
  • You need help with your interviewing skills
  • You’re unsure of your transferable skills
  • You’re seeking to move up in your job title
  • You desire a more fulfilling career path
  • You’ve been out of the workforce for some time

Coaching Packages for Resume Writing & Linkedin Profile

How strong are your LinkedIn profile and resume to land your dream job?  Are you seeking a new job or charting a new career direction?   Are you viewed as a subject matter expert in your field?  Intermediate Coaching is designed for those who are seeking to revamp their Linkedin profile or make updates to their written resume for a specific job opening; and, also those who need to enhance their personal brand across social media sites like LinkedIn to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.  Remember: we live in a keyword-search world.  You’ll never get noticed if your LinkedIn profile and resume are lacking the right value proposition.

With a Career SWOT Analysis, you’ll gain clarity and direction for your career growth.

Intermediate Package Includes:

  Active Guidance via ad-hoc Email | Text | Phone | Slack when you need it (your choice 3, 4, 6, or 9 months of coaching)
 Schedule At-Will – no limit on how many times we meet day/week/month

  Career SWOT Analysis chart your course
  Personal Brand Enhancement

  LinkedIn Search Algorithm Tweakingget noticed for more jobs
  Professional Network Development Leverage introductions

  Career Path Strategy
  Job Search Strategy and Automation tools

  Interview Prep tactical, strategic, and mock interviews

  Meet Up Monday – Zoom Call gain insights from others during their career journeys (1st & 3rd Monday of the month)

  Access To OurChannel where you can make new connections, expand your network and gain insights into the true job market


The Details


LinkedIn & Resume Enhancements

• Writing & Mechanics
• Tuning, style and organization
• Identifying your value-add
• Communicating a compelling career story
• SEO review and modification
• Enhancing your LinkedIn profile
• Interpretation of your experience and skills




A Career at a Glance

(Resumes are historic / Marketing Plan is future-focused)

• Build a marketing plan

• Generate job opportunities

• Open the hidden job market (that’s 60% of the job market!)

• Zero-in on the role you want

• Leverage your network

• Create multiple entries points at targeted companies


Interview Prep / Mock Interview

  • Develop your pitch to communicate your value with confidence
  • Devise an approach for each phase of the interview process for all positions you are considering
  • Learn how to ask probing questions that will give you control of the conversation.
  • Practice with one-on-one mock interview Q&A
  • Ace behavior questions
  • Learn how to leverage your expertise in your domain
  • Learn the “Art” of an effective Post-interview Thank You Note: Close the deal!



Offer Letter Review & Coaching

  • Offer letter’s competitiveness
  • Offer negotiation
  • Compensation review
  • Career advancement





Post-Hire Coaching

• Strategies for getting up to speed faster & smarter

• Secure quick wins

• Negotiate Success with a new boss

• Have an ascension plan

• Create alliances

• Build your team

Á La Carte Coaching is for those seeking guidance for a scheduled interview(s).

Did you know that most hiring managers make their decision about a candidate within the first few minutes of an interview? Most of them will judge the quality of the candidate based on the thought-provoking questions about the position, company, working environment, etc. that the candidate asks. 

With  Á La Carte Coaching, we fine-tune your interview skills to help you craft your opening pitch, develop probing questions, handle tricky interview question, negotiate your salary and more.

Our clients report salary increases from $5K to $40k, or more.

Á La Carte Includes:

      • 1 hour one-on-one session (or multiple sessions of  15 or 30 mins)

      • Position Evaluation (Is this the right career step for me?  Why?)
      • Tactical interview prep
      • Probing questions
      • Salary negotiation
      • Email/Text/Phone support

      • Schedule at will

Á La Carte Package:  $495

They say a photo is worth a 1000 words. Well, how about a video featuring you discussing a topic in your field or domain as the subject matter expert?  A powerful and truly unique way to Profile ‘Your’ Excellence.

Our YouTube channel Profiles In Excellence  does just that.  We host 1:1 video discussions chatting with highly skilled individuals, like you, who have made a unique impact on their industry or job function.   We then jointly promote it through our social media communities like LinkedIn,  amongst others.

Have you written an article of interest? Do you have a blog? Did you make a significant contribution to your job or industry? Let’s get it out there using the power of social media!  This is a unique way to get additional exposure to the job market, enhance your personal brand and stand out from the crowd as a subject matter expert.  


“Profiles In Excellence” Video Steps:



    • Jointly identify topic(s) of interest
    • Schedule a call to review topic
    • Develop outline for video conversation
    • Shoot video via Zoom Video call
    • Edit video (That’s what we do!)
    • Create thumbnails
    • Upload to YouTube, hosted by us
    • Promote through social media


Profiles In Excellence $995

Do I qualify?  Contact us to find out.  

Profiles in Excellence is limited to senior level professionals with 10-15+ years of career experience.

Just landed your dream job or got a recent promotion?  Is that promotion STILL overdue? Now is the time to prove your worth!

Chart a course of success for your first 90 days with ongoing Post Hire Coaching.  

How will you:

  • Get quick wins?
  • Negotiate success  with your new boss?  
  • Build alliances early?  

First impressions matter.

Post Hire Includes:

  • Multiple coaching sessions (your choice for 3, 4 ,6, or 9 months)

  • Ad-hoc email/text/phone support
  • Schedule at will
  • Align Strategy to Situation
  •  S.T.A.R. Transition Tool
  • Learn your New Environment
  • Identify Quick Successes
  • Roadmap of success with your new boss
  • Getting Organizational Alignment
  • Building a Team
  • Creating Alliances
  • Personal Brand Enhancement
    Network Development
  • Career Evaluation
  • Getting Leadership Roles

Post Hire Package:  $375

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What People Are Saying

NIkhil Gupta

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Dan. He is a wonderful person and a tremendous coach. He has a unique approach where he pushes you to dig deep inside yourself and understand your unique skill-set and value proposition that you can bring to an organization to have a meaningful impact. His knowledge and expertise are unmatched and in a normal conversation itself, he will share so many tips and tricks that are hard to find in any book or website. I found his guidance extremely helpful in building upon my strengths, identifying areas that need improvement, and how to network effectively. He is very thorough, positive, and always available to help. I am fortunate to work with him and look forward to many more years of partnership ahead.

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson

In addition to being an outstanding talent acquisition partner, Dan also excels at career coaching and resume building. He provides strategic insights into how to get your resume and online profiles to stand out by highlighting key outcomes in an objective manner. I strongly recommend partnering with fairwindslogiX for either your corporate recruitment needs or your own professional development (or both)!

Thiane Carnerio
Thiane Carneiro, PhD

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with Dan! He provides support and guidance, and his unique approach has helped me gain a new perspective on the job search and on network development. He is great to talk to, always open, positive, and very friendly! Recently he started organizing the Meet Ups, which I found to be valuable moments to learn from him, from others, and to exchange experiences. I truly appreciate what Dan does and highly recommend working with him!

Angela Zullinger
Angela Zullinger

So much of the job search journey was new to me - both from a technological standpoint (LinkedIn function, etc) and in terms of effective communication throughout the process. Dan put me together and continues to support me along each step of the way. The whole thing is a lot less daunting with Dan in my corner. I highly recommend his services!

Gunjan Goel

Dan and I were introduced recently and we developed a level of trust and professional bond very quickly. His views and inputs are invaluable. We did a podcast together on one of my articles and it was great fun. Dan is insightful, engaging, and full of experience. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is considering coaching and recruiting. Thanks, Dan

Sr. VP IT / CIO at Cobham
Mel Reyes
Mel Reyes

Dan was instrumental in sharing over a decade of personal and professional branding advice and expertise to elevate my profile and visibility. His process allows you to discover your values, talents and position yourself for prime and highly qualified exposure to the right companies. I highly recommend Dan and his group for anyone looking for career advancement and refining your branding pitch.

VP IT at Synchrony

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Meet Up Monday!

Our career coaching clients benefit from our bi-monthly Zoom Meet-Up Monday.  In our group discussions, we tackle career and job search challenges together.  This networking opportunity helps you learn from others and find out what’s working for them, who’s hiring and who in their networks might be good contacts for you.  Plus, they help you practice your elevator pitch, handle tough interview questions, and more.  Our virtual Monday Meet-Up takes place over Zoom for one hour on the 1st  and 3rd Monday of the month at 4 pm PT. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Are there any jobs out there?
  • What are other people hearing about the job market?
  • How do people prep for interviews?
  • How do I get noticed?
  • How do I answer this question that keeps coming up?
  • I don’t know what else I should be doing?
  • How can I network?
  • I need accountability during my job search.

Every Other Monday at 4 pm PT

Add To My Calendar Now

* available to the active client only

Topics We’ll Tackle

  • How to get in front of the likely hiring manager
  • How to expand your professional network
  • Communicating your value-add with confidence
  • Handling tough interview questions
  • Acquiring more contacts
  • Practicing your elevator pitch
  • Learning from others
  • 30-60-90 Day New Job Plan
  • Winning interviews
  • Working smarter, not harder

What are coaching sessions like?

There are a couple of ways you can make the most out of working with a Career Coach.

      1. Identify your goals and areas to focus on with your coach
      2. Keep a journal so you can track your progress
      3. Be open to exploration and change
      4. Be prepared to be challenged
      5. Expect change

The goal of each working session is to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in a crowd.  That’s how you get noticed, not by a resume.  Those days are over.  Most folks believe they will get a job new from having a great resume; hence, they seek out a resume writer.  Sadly,  resume writers  are not equipped to know enough about your industry and how to showcase your achievements and outcomes.  Even more importantly, they lack the know-how to get you noticed by hiring managers.  That’s where a good career coach and recruiter come into play.


Each program typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions that usually last 30 to 60 minutes each.  At fairwindslogix, we don’t limit the amount of time per day, week, or month. Our time is dependent on your needs and we adjust as needed.   During a job search how much time and how frequently you need to work with your coach changes during the initial assessment, job search, interview preparation, offer negotiation, etc.

Absolutely!  The purpose of a consultation is so we can determine together if coaching can provide value to you.  It is important to have a trusting relationship and good chemistry for success.

      1. Come with an open mind to position yourself for success
      2. Set appropriate expectations
      3. Open up and be honest with yourself
      4. Focus on your goals
      5. Make it a true partnership
      6. Set the right atmosphere

 Our clients win more interviews, get higher base salaries and have a greater number of job opportunities to  choose from for the jobs they want.  You can learn about our pricing here. What price can you put on investing in your career?

Executive resume writer services can range from $300-3,000,  depending on their process, how many years of experience that your resume writer or career coach has, how many hours are required for writing a resume, and your work history.  Though a resume is important, a resume writer is just a one-time hit.  A more effective tactic for your job search is working with a career coach over a period of time to:

  1. Tweak your LinkedIn Profile so you stand out to recruiters and potential employers
  2. Teach you Interview Preparation 
  3. Help you practice with Mock Interviews
  4. Execute a Tactical Job Search
  5. Help you with Career Planning

and more. 

Prices increase with higher-level professional resume requests.  The downside of outsourcing your resume to a writer is that you don’t go through the process of articulating your value-add with a professional that can provide guidance on how to showcase your achievements and outcomes.  Working through the process with a Career Coach yields the best results.