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quote-v2A partnership and hands-on approach to the search process offers us the ability to participate in a search
as an extension of your business.  Recognizing that the hiring process can be time-consuming and costly,
we work directly with the hiring managers to develop a targeted search strategy resulting in higher quality candidates.  Further, we identify not only the tangible requirements for the search but also the often-overlooked intangibles (such as company “fit”, corporate culture and adaptability) that are needed to solidify a long-term match.

At Fairwinds Recruiting we service a smaller number of clients and services them well!   Our clients receive fewer resumés from us than from most firms however, the ones that we submit for a position are much more closely aligned to their specific needs.

Each step in the hiring process can be customized for the specific needs of your organization.


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The Process

Discussion with key members associated with the hiring process within your company

This is a critical step often overlooked by most search firms and even hiring managers.   We call upon our clients to define what they want (required skills, degrees and certifications, specific demands, etc.) and what they don’t want in a potential new hire, which is critical to the process. Understanding the corporate culture of our clients and the approach of the direct hiring manager(s) helps us match likeminded individuals to your jobs.  In many cases, taking in account the reality of available candidates on the market at a given point in time is key to a successful search.

Develop a targeted search strategy

Each of our clients has a unique set of needs specific to their short-term and long-term hiring objectives.  No one mold works for all.  We develop a highly customized and targeted search strategy for each job order.

Research, Research, Research

This is where the rubber meets the road.  We integrate technology from the old-fashion telephone, to email, to  social media in an effort to learn all we can about a potential match for your job opening.  We conduct pre-screening interviews with potential matches to develop short lists of potential candidates, seeking both active and passive candidates.


Countless clients have trusted Fairwinds Recruiting over the years for an accurate presentation of candidates.  After we have identified and qualified potential candidates for your job opening, we present each candidate along with a detailed summary of their background, motivations, career goals and desires, and will consult with you concerning the best ways of moving the process forward.  The candidate presented will meet or exceed the functional, technical and cultural fit for your job opening.

Manage candidates on short list

As the bandwidth of both hiring managers and candidates is limited, we work diligently to streamline the hiring process for both parties.  We recognize that the hiring process impacts people’s lives, companies, families, and careers, therefore we work to move the process forward in a timely yet natural progression, coordinating interview schedules for both client and candidates.

Candidate background/reference checks

A true partnership must be built on trust.  We believe in thorough and accurate due diligence through reference checks of each candidate we submit to our clients, as our reputation is on the line.  Gathering details about the potential new hire throughout the interview process provides additional data points for a more informed hiring decision and a better long-term fit.

Manage negotiation process

We believe in being a coach first-and-formost to both our clients and candidates and therefore you will never receive sales pressure from us, only consultative support to make the best decision possible.  Creating a win-win situation for both client and candidate is our goal, as well as making this part of the process as natural as possible.  We manage expectations with the candidates and keep the lines of communication open and positive throughout the successful completion of this process.

Conclude search and follow-up

The fist day of employment for the new hire does not mean the end of the work for us.  We believe it is important that we continue to keep in contact with you as well as the new employee to make sure that everybody’s expectations are being met and that the transition is moving along smoothly, and to make any adjustments if needed.

Let’s chat about your search strategy for success!

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