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Data Science Companies

A recruitment agency for data science companies seeking a partnership approach to attracting the best talent throughout the USA. We offer nationwide search strategy  from California to New York.  We service the resource needs of software, consulting companies and industry clients.

Although the term “Big-Data” is loosely defined and many of us that started our careers in the early days of data warehousing see this as an on going effort of gathering, organizing, and retrieving meaningful information from massive amounts of data.   With today’s faster computers and larger data storage facilities, it now means better intelligent decision-making can be done in which an enterprise can modify their business practices faster and more accurately.  That can translate into millions of dollars for the enterprise. The science and methodology of using data across a specified time line to understand historical patterns with an emphasis on improving performance and predicting the future.  Taking this one step further, digital data collected via multiple sources from online digital footprints, social media to mobile devices  structure and unstructured data has created a new breed of Information Technology professionals tasked with adopting new business strategies  as a result of identifying a competitive edge and meaning from large volumes of data.  Big Data, the buzzword of today.

The Big Data Talent rush is on as we move into the next phase of Business Intelligence and Information Technology development.