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Why you need a Career Transition Coach?

93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates
Your resume is NOT what will get you noticed or hired
Applying online puts you at the bottom of the bucket
Tapping into the hidden job market yields an 80% return
Potential employers don't care about your duties & responsibilities
Asking questions at the end of the interview is wrong
Age discrimination? Yep--it's REAL

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive resume writer services can range from $300-3,000,  depending on their process, how many years of experience your resume writer has, how many hours are required for writing a resume, and your work history.  

These days a resume is only needed to apply on-line and that systems is broken.  A resume is not what get you noticed.  That’s what your LinkedIn Profile is for.  

A resume writer is just a one-time hit.  A more effective tactic for your job search is working with a Career Coach to:

  1. Enhance your LinkedIn Profile so you stand out to recruiters and potential managers
  2. Learn time saving job search strategies that get results
  3. Teach you how to prep for interviews 
  4. Learn how to turn interviews into job offers
  5. Practice mock interviews
  6. Get visibility into the corporate hiring processes and how you’re being evaluated
  7. Learn offer negotiation strategies
  8. Help you with career planning

and more. 

My clients win more interviews, get higher base salaries and have a greater number of  the ideal job they seek.  

Working with a Career Coach pays for its self as there is a very high ROI.  

On average I see base salaries, sign on bonuses, annual bonuses and other benefits increase by 20% or more

You can learn about our pricing here. What price can you put on investing in your career?  

Each program typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions that usually last 30 to 60 minutes each.  At fairwindslogix, we don’t limit the amount of time per day, week, or month. Our time is dependent on your needs and we adjust as needed.   During a job search how much time and how frequently you need to work with your coach changes during the initial assessment, job search, interview preparation, offer negotiation, etc.

There are several ways you can make the most out of working with a Career Coach:

      1. Identify your goals and areas to focus on with your coach
      2. Keep a journal so you can track your progress
      3. Be open to exploration and change
      4. Be prepared to be challenged
      5. Expect change

Very good! On average I see base salaries, sign on bonuses, annual bonuses and other benefits increase by 20% or more

The goal of each working session is to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in a crowd.  That’s how you get noticed, not by a resume. Those days are over.  Most folks believe they will get a job new from having a great resume; hence, they seek out a resume writer.  Sadly,  resume writers  are not equipped to know enough about your industry and how to showcase your achievements and outcomes.  Even more importantly, they lack the know-how to get you noticed by hiring managers.  That’s where a good career coach and recruiter come into play.

Absolutely!  The purpose of a consultation is so we can determine together if coaching can provide value to you.  It is important to have a trusting relationship and good chemistry for success.

      1. Come with an open mind to position yourself for success
      2. Set appropriate expectations
      3. Open up and be honest with yourself
      4. Focus on your goals
      5. Make it a true partnership
      6. Set the right atmosphere

Prices increase with higher-level professional resume requests.  The downside of outsourcing your resume to a writer is that you don’t go through the process of articulating your value-add with a professional that can provide guidance on how to showcase your achievements and outcomes.  Working through the process with a Career Coach yields the best results.

Get Focused | Get Noticed | Get Hired

Executive Career Coach – Job Search – Resume – Interview Prep – Interview Questions – Recruiter

Career Coaching​ 

Accelerate your career with endless possibilities

Enhanced Brand

  • Identify Your Marketable Skills – A Career SWOT Analysis Tool will better-define your career path and showcase your marketability and readiness for the job you want versus what’s available to you.
  • Get a Go-To-Market Strategy – Learn how to get noticed for your ideal job though an effective strategy that gets results.
  • Refine Your LinkedIn Profile – To leverage LinkedIn’s search algorithm to attract the job you want versus  what’s available.
  • Get Your Resume Reviewed and Refined  – Access to 15+ years of resume guidance with an active Recruiter.
  • Learn Effective Job Search Strategies – STOP aimlessly applying online, getting zero results. Unlock the hidden job market and get the inside track on how to circumvent ATS and LinkedIn online applications.
  • Mock Interview Prep – Dial in your elevator pitch and craft effective probing questions to ask at the beginning of the interview to turn it into an exchange of information, NOT an interrogation.
  • Get an Accountability Partner & Career Guide Via  Slack | Email | Text  | when you need it
  • Get one-on-one advisory sessions – Schedule at-will.
  • Get on going support – For as long as you need it. Cancel anytime after the first 12 weeks. Keep the momentum going $450/mo.  



  – Resume Templates
  – LinkedIn Profile Examples
  – Cover Letter / Letter of Intent Guide
  – Job Search Guide
  – Job Search Tracker
  – Interview Prep Guide
  – One-on-One Mock Interviews
  – LinkedIn Must Have Tools Guide

Price $2,100.00


You’ll get the Enhanced Package plus: 

Active Guidance 

  • Get Networking Guidance – Gain insight and access to the best jobs through networking.
  • Get Booster Revolutionize your job search with an advanced networking tool to Supercharge Your Career Hunt. Unlock a wealth of hidden job opportunities to transform your job search to maximize your success.

Job search networking automation to tap into the hidden job market.

  • Get Access to SIM’s San Francisco Chapter Career Transition Group – For technology leaders attend 4 group sessions (Limited to IT Dirs., VPs, and above – a $565 value).  Meeting each Tuesday at 12pm PT.
  • Get Offer Negotiation Assistance – Don’t leave money on the table. Learn the tactics to get the compensation you are worth.

Post-Hire Coaching

Strategies for getting up to speed faster & smarter. Secure quick wins!  Together we create a 30-60-90 day roadmap to success using the book The First 90 Days  as our guide. Get it on Amazon with this affiliate link.

    • Align Strategy to Situation
    • S.T.A.R. Transition Tool
    • Learn your New Environment
    • Identify Quick Successes
    • Negotiate success with your new boss
    • Creating Alliances
    • Network Development 
Price $2,500.00
Coach Dan

About coach Dan A Certified Career Coach with a blended background of software development, consulting services, sales and recruiter all wrapped into one.

Dan spends his time working with mid-to-senior professionals based out of the San Francisco Bay Area assisting them to quickly make career transitions from one company to another. He has successfully guided 1000’s of job seekers in communicating their value proposition, personal brand, time saving job search strategies, interview preparation (mock interviews), offer negotiations, post hire coaching and career development.

His hands-on positive style as Coach provides a unique perspective that creats a safe environment guiding job seekers into their ideal position through eliminating obstacles while building confidence and visibility to the interview process, that gets results. His client gains new skills that can be used through the remainder of their career.

My clients land jobs at the best companies

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