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Coaching for your professional life and career development

Balancing Life Choices

Get grounded and gain traction to improve your business efficiencies though actionable insights for leadership development, direction visioning & time management
Getting There
Discover work-life balance that provides greater meaning, security to enjoy all of what life has to offer
Discover your ideal career path, resume & cover letter reviews, interview preparation, uncover marketable skills, networking, job search strategies and support in job transition

“Together let’s disrupt the habitual thoughts that keep us from achieving our career & life goals by setting out on a journey of exploration to positively impact your destiny.”

Coaching will help you to:

Remove barriers | Reality Identification | Set goals and priorities | Improve decision making process | Get to where you're going | Empower visualization

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Create focus | Change perspective | Expand your comfort zone | Eliminate beliefs that don't serve you | Empower positive habits | Realize your life purpose

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What People Are Saying

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson

In addition to being an outstanding talent acquisition partner, Dan also excels at career coaching and resume building. He provides strategic insights into how to get your resume and online profiles to stand out by highlighting key outcomes in an objective manner. I strongly recommend partnering with fairwindslogiX for either your corporate recruitment needs or your own professional development (or both)!

Paul Gutierrez
Paul Gutierrez

Dan was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely thorough for both the company and the candidate (myself). I could tell that he cared to ensure this worked for me as well as the company from the very beginning. He also asked some insightful questions to ensure that I felt it was the right opportunity for me. Thank you Dan! I will use your services in the future when I am hiring candidates for my teams.

What are coaching sessions like?

There are a couple of ways you can make the most out of a coaching session

      1. Identify your goals and areas to focus on with your coach
      2. Keep a journal so you can track your progress
      3. Be open to exploration and change
      4. Be prepared to be challenged
      5. Expect change

The goal of each session is entirely dependent upon what you want to achieve

Typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions that usually last 45 to 60 minutes each, once a week. Sometimes we meet every two weeks or even just once a month – depending on your needs. 

Absolutely!  The purpose of a consultation is so we can determine together if coaching can provide value to you.  It is important to have a trusting relationship and good chemistry for success.

      1. Come with an open mind to position yourself for success
      2. Set appropriate expectations
      3. Open up and be honest with yourself
      4. Focus on your goals
      5. Make it a true partnership
      6. Set the right atmosphere

Consider it an investment in you. What price can you put on you?  You can learn about our pricing here.

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