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  • Project-based recruiting model that drives per hire cost down

  • Proactive search process avoiding costly mis-hire mistakes

  • Retained search model at contingency rates

  • Multiple hires with one fixed rate

  • Multi-industry expertise

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Information Technology professionals have been the keystone in Silicon Valley since the early days of the semiconductor industry.
Corporate FP&A
Data Science and Data Analytics teams play a critical role in providing meaning from vast qualities of data.
Considered the most important role for software companies. We quickly execute a search strategy to connect you with the most…
A great brand combines design and conveys the company’s value messaging to evoke emotion and drive strategy.
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San Francisco Bay Area

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

FairwindslogiX is an expert at recruiting highly skilled individuals to SaaS cloud software and web digital product companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the markets we have served include Fintech, professional services (consulting firms)  Internet, e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning,  manufacturing, retail, consumer products, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, insurance, energy, and networking. 

FairwindslogiX can help your company acquire talent on a contingency basis or work with you on a project basis to fill an entire team or department.

We provide search abilities beyond the capabilities of traditional contingent firms.  A retained search analytics model sourcing solid people ANYWHERE with any criteria, nationwide with contingency terms.

Scalable and flexible talent acquisition solutions for high-volume openings that need to be filled FAST. Ideal for high growth and early-stage companies with high volume hiring plans.

Working with Fairwindslogix brings the following advantages:

  1. A proven search methodology 
  2. Ability to screen 1000s of candidates providing a talent pipeline QUICKLY
  3. Weekly search progress reports
  4. Our USA-Based research associates are Certified Research Associates by the

Project-Based Recruiting

Fairwindslogix’s project-based recruiting solution

At the intersection of Retained and Contingency search both in pricing and terms. Giving you a dedicated team

HUNTING for hard- to-find candidates on your behalf with a retained search accountability.

  • You have a number of critical hires that need to be filled quickly. Your talent team may not have the background required to get the attention of targeted candidates.
  • Your openings are competitive and difficult to fill:
  • You’re are seeing the same openings week after week not filled
  • You have other important roles Talent Acquisition needs to fill:
    • Augment internal Talent Acquisition teams during critical growth phases
  • Original Research for Each Assignment:
    • We help define the critical must-have requirements for each position
    • Our Research team uses tools and hard work to screen 1000s of qualified candidates
    • We source candidates specific to your search criteria, NOT just those looking for jobs in our network.
  • Working with you we develop a target list of candidates to approach
    • We have access to a broad Network of Existing Contacts
    • We have sales skills to get the attention of identified candidates.
    • We have expertise in your domain across multiple functions
  • Proactively target, approach, and qualify candidates
    • We help you manage the process from interviews, reference check, offers to accepted offer
    • We submit only qualified candidates screened and interested in your position so your team invests a minimal amount of time in the interview process
  • We provide complete transparency with a weekly candidate pipeline report and status call, reviewing the progress of the search each step of the way.
  • Staying on schedule with the Search Planner is critical to completing the search better and faster than our competitors.
  • This ensures integrity and honesty throughout the search and builds confidence and trust.

You need a team of dedicated search professionals HUNTING for  candidates on your behalf with experience in your company’s domain.


Recruiter for finding Data Science, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Architects professionals.  The best data science companies rely on us as their trusted adviser to find big data & analytics professionals in the business.  We help match data scientist jobs seekers to the top technology companies in the USA from California to New York.
  • What are the best data science companies to work for?
  • What do the best data science companies look for?
  • How do you prepare for interviews for the best data science jobs?
  • What are the best data science interview questions to ask? 

The Big Data Talent Rush is on. Be a part of the action!

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