A recent report by the WSJ indicates over 27% of job openings are fake.

Heard it on the Tech Street

Still applying to job openings online?  Not getting the results you expect?  A typical ROI for the time spent to is 1 – 3%.  That’s right!  Applying to 100 job openings may yield 1–3 call backs by recruiters.  Not a very good odds I’d say.  Now consider this.  What if 27% (or more) of those job openings are fake

According to an article from the Wall Street Journal the labor market remains strong at 10.8 million job openings. However, a survey of over 1000 hiring mangers reported that they post jobs to the internet which they don’t intend to fill any time soon. That means of the 100 applications you filled out, there is a good change that only 73 of them were real.  This compounds the problem of getting call backs even further.

Using tools like ChatGPT and other AI technologies to assist you in matching the appropriate buzzwords between your resume and a position description won’t help either.

There is a more effective job search strategy that gets results. What’s your Go-To-Market strategy?

In case you missed it last month.

CompTIA’s 2023 Projected Growth By Titl

  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts 5.5%
  • Cybersecurity Analysts and Engineers 5.2%
  • Web Designers and UI/UX 4.7%
  • Software Developers and Engineers 4.7%
  • Software QA and Testers 4.1%
  • CIOs and IT Directors 3.4%
  • Systems Analysts and Engineers 2.6%
  • IT Support Specialists 2.4%

Get the entire report here.

On the Street:

The latest Tech lay off numbers as tracked by Layoffs.fyi

Source: www.wsj.com


Are all job listing real? How many could be fake?

The Wall Street Journal recently conducted a survey of hiring managers that reported over 27% of job postings to the Internet are fake.  Why? One reason could be to keep up appearances amongst peers to be seen as a growing company. Read More…


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Source: www.dice.com

With all the layoffs, do companies still hire for growth?

In the news we hear of layoffs within the Tech space.  Though a recent survey of HR professionals showed that 71% of their new hires is intended for  growth.  Backfills came in at 52% of the hiring.  Read more…

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