April 2023 - The Latest News & Updates On The Tech San Francisco Job Market

Heard it on the Tech Street

The job market Tech may feel uncertain, though let’s consider a few facts: 

  • Projected net jobs in Tech for 2023 – 9.4 million nationwide
  • $1.97 trillion tech industry representing 8.8% of the US economy
  • Tech wages on average 103% higher than most other titles
  • A 7.5% year-over-year increase in new company starts in the USA

So how will that effect your job title? You can check out the report from CompITA here.  Leading the list of projected growth by title is Data Scientists & Data Analysts, followed by (and no surprise!) Cybersecurity Engineers.

2023 Projected Growth By Title 

  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts 5.5%
  • Cybersecurity Analysts and Engineers 5.2%
  • Web Designers and UI/UX 4.7%
  • Software Developers and Engineers 4.7%
  • Software QA and Testers 4.1%
  • CIOs and IT Directors 3.4%
  • Systems Analysts and Engineers 2.6%
  • IT Support Specialists 2.4%

Do companies still hire during a downturn economy?  You bet they do! And the best way to find those jobs is tapping into the “Hidden Job Market”.  What’s your Go-To-Market strategy?

On the Street:

The latest Tech lay off numbers as tracked by Layoffs.fyi

Source: www.comptia.org

What’s in store for Information Technology job growth in 2023?

According to a few findings in the CompTIA’s report State of the Tech Workforce is forecasting over 272,000 new technology jobs in 2023. That’s a trend of around 3% in growth.

Get the interactive report here.

What’s your salary? How much to ask for?

As a Career Coach and Recruiter I’m frequently asked, “I don’t want to leave money on the table. How do I get the salary I’m seeking?” The Harvard Business Review offers a few good guidelines for negotiating your salary. The one that stands out to me is #15 – Maintain Perspective.

Read More

Source: www.comptia.org

What are the top reasons to start a job search?

According to a recent report by CompTIA they explored these questions. The report mentions many of the same reasons that I hear from my new clients. The reasons include the feeling of being stuck, finances, and unhappy with current career. Once they start a job search old problems persist. That is mental burnout from applying online.   Read more…

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