February 2023 - The Latest News & Updates On The Job Market

Heard it on the Tech Street

As crazy as it looks, companies are still hiring highly sought-out Information Technology professionals.  Yes, the commute traffic in the San Francisco Bay area may seem a bit better these days as compared to times gone by.  Still, don’t let the news of layoffs stand in the way of obtaining your ideal job.  With uncertainty comes opportunity.  Economies frequently ebb and flow. These changes position technology leaders as a go-to source for such things as improved operational efficiencies, product enhancements, streamlining month-end close, or analytics leading to greater visibility and better decision making for the business.  Now is a great time to set the bar and expand your career options. 




The Tech Unemployment rate according to CompTIA is at 1.5% in January, which is down from 1.8% in December and 2% in November. A quick search on LinkedIn shows over 22,395 Information Technology jobs (alone) in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s significantly down from 100,129 last month. It is estimated that 70% of all available jobs are in the hidden job market which are never posted to the Internet.  Doing the math, that’s 38,071 available jobs right now. 



Now is the time to enhance your Personal Brand to get noticed before you find yourself in an impromptu career transition!





Do companies still hire during a downturn economy?  You bet they do! And the best way to find those jobs is tapping into the “Hidden Job Market“.

On the Street:

The latest Tech lay off numbers as tracked by Layoffs.fyi

Source: www.dice.com 

Does it pay to change jobs more frequently?

Changing jobs can increase your salary faster than by staying at the same company.  It is one of the top reasons clients come to me for coaching: to prepare for that next great opportunity. Lack of recognition or increase in title are other top reasons people are seeking new opportunities these days. According to a recent article on Dice.com, those who changed jobs more frequently enjoyed a raise of 6.4 percent. (Click the link below for more.)


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Source: www.dice.com 

Information Technology rate drops to 1.5 % in January

Despite recent news of layoffs, the information tech unemployment rate remains very low. Clients often ask how that can be true given all the negative tech news of late. The simple answer: companies over-hired and are now rightsizing, which has created some interesting opportunities for job seekers. This article explores that topic in greater depth.

Source: www.dice.com 

How will Layoffs Impact H-1B Workers?

With a looming recession right round the corner, how will H-1B visas be affected given the reliance on those workers by the information technology and tech industries? The  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) indicates employees submitted 483,000 H-1B registrations for 2023, that’s a 57 percent increase as compared to 2022. I often coach clients in this exact situation. This article discusses some of the important issues.   Read more…

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